Wolf Pack: Tyson, Chaske & Booboo Answer Questions at Breaking Dawn Convention

Tyson Houseman
Role: Quil Ateara

Tyson shares his experience filming his role as the wolf pack member: Quil. In Breaking Dawn Part 1 he imprints on a 4 year old little girl, therefore he becomes her protector and in some ways like a big brother. Tyson said he enjoyed playing with her at the beach but admitted keeping up with her was the most exhausting part of filming Breaking Dawn. She liked the waves but it was extremely dangerous because she kept running out to them.

If you could select a different animal as a shape shifter besides a wolf which would you choose

Siberian tiger


Reading, playing the guitar and photography

Chaske Spencer
Role: Sam Uley

Chaske deleted his personal Facebook profile because he feels he is a very private person. He recently bought his first car and is enjoying road trips.

Future Dreams

I want to make and direct music videos

Once Chaske left stage he came out into the audience and took an empty seat. He was extremely friendly and laid back in the crowd. He enjoyed listening patiently while the other celebrities took stage and answered the questions from their fans.

Booboo Stewart
Role: Seth

We had the pleasure of meeting Booboo up close multiple times throughout the weekend during the Breaking Dawn Convention. He is known for his many talents including acting, singing and making jewelry. Booboo creates a hand-stamped leather jewelry line and we purchased several bracelets as gifts. He had a booth setup at the convention selling merchandise and he autographed each and every piece.

He also gave hugs to all of his fans, every time they came by. I must say I think he is the most genuinely sweet actor I’ve ever met. He has this innocence to him that I hope stays as he grows up in the celebrity spotlight.

He travels the world with his family and home-schools. He travels more lately for his music career with his acting and promotion of the Twilight Saga films taking a back seat. A random tid-bit about Booboo Stewart is that he knows karate. When he was on stage he actually did a karate move where he jumped, spun and kicked.

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