I found my wedding dress. Then I cried.

I always hear stories about brides that cry when they find that perfect dress.  Their dream dress to go with their big dream wedding.  I didn’t get it.  For one, I never really had a dream wedding dress in mind.  Probably because I didn’t have a big dream of a big wedding.  To be honest when I thought of getting married I pictured myself standing on the beach barefoot with the breeze in my hair surrounded by the people I love.  Simple.  Relaxing.  Beautiful.

After Andrew and I got engaged we both agreed it was extremely important to have our families at our wedding.  Which outnumbered the pros of a destination wedding.  So instead of a beach themed wedding we now were planning a vintage rustic wedding in Texas.  I did like most other modern day brides do, I went to Pinterest and searched rustic weddings for inspiration.  As I was searching I came across wedding dresses that I liked but didn’t love.  I started to develop an idea in my mind of what I wanted my dress to look like.  I knew I wanted a lace dress.  I took to Google and searched.  Do you know how many photos of dresses you can browse through on an iPad while relaxing in a recliner within one hour?  Hundreds.  Thousands.  I visited sites like JJs House which has 729 lace wedding dresses.  I downloaded The Knot iPad app and browsed through over several hundred more.  After a while all the dresses started to run together and my eyes crossed.

I was worried I wouldn’t even find the dress I loved. Maybe it was in part because I wasn’t 100% sure on what I wanted. I didn’t have a wedding planning scrapbook some young girls start as soon as they are old enough to day-dreaming about the day they would walk down the isle. When it came time to go dress shopping with my bridesmaids I had browsed countless photos of dresses online which helped me say “no” a little easier and gave me a vision.

Lace Wedding Dress

I described what I was looking for to the sales clerk and showed him a few photos I had saved from the various websites. He walked over to the rack and picked up the exact dress I described. While I was trying on the first dress he gathered other lace covered wedding dresses for me to try. However, I knew the first dress I put on was it. It was the one. I went ahead and tried on another dress for good measure but before I even walked out in the second dress I told everyone no. Back into the first dress I went.

It’s the company’s tradition to call everyone in the entire store over to see the bride standing outside the dressing room in the dress of her choice. They rang a bell and announced loudly that I had found the dress of my dreams. They announced my wedding date and made me make a wish and ring the bell myself. Then I cried…

I blame the store. I was not planning to cry. I couldn’t even imagine I would cry over finding a wedding dress. It seems so silly. Then I realized, I didn’t cry over the wedding dress. They were happy tears but not because I picked out something as simple as a dress. It was about love. It was about so much more than a dress and everyone reminded me of that on this special day planning my big special day. I truly felt blessed surrounded by some of my best childhood friends, teenage daughter and the wonderful employees that made it a bigger deal than I would have.

Luckily one of my bridesmaids captured the whole thing on video and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. However, it’ll have to wait until after September 6th when my fiance has the chance to see the dress on our wedding day.


    • MommaDJane says

      I think sharing my story today reminded me how excited I really am. I sometimes forget that during the stress of actually planning the wedding. I can’t wait to put the dress on and say I do!

  1. Dina says

    Such a sweet story. I know your wedding is going to very “pinworthy” – I mean, let’s just look at what you did for your Twilight party, amazing stuff! :)


  2. says

    That is such a great story! I’m glad you wrote it down. You are going to cherish being able to come back and read how you felt when you found the right dress in a few years. I remember when I found my wedding dress. it was a special moment, though I didn’t cry, but I was quite giddy because I didn’t really know what i wanted either. Until I put the dress on and I just KNEW.
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