Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy in Theaters Today

The Guardians of the Galaxy opens in theaters today and my boys are pretty excited to see it.


I became a fan of Vin Diesel when I first saw him in Pitch Black and then a year later when he played the role of Dominic in The Fast and the Furious. Our family enjoys our collect of the Fast movies and no matter how unrealistic some of the stunts may be, we will continue to be a fan of each new movie.

Although we are already fans of Vin Diesel we were still pretty impressed to hear that he dubbed his lines in his newly released film in five languages! You can see a sneak peek of each language: Spanish, Portuguese, French and Russian on YouTube. The clip below shows Vin Diesel in studio recording his French lines.

For all you Lego fans out there, here is the Guardians of the Galaxy movie trailer, Lego-style!



Are you planning to take the family to see Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend? Have you ever watched a film in another language besides English?


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