Unity Cross – Wedding Ceremony Keepsake

unity cross

I first saw the Unity Cross at a Bridal Show.  I loved the concept of it.  Candles melt or collect dust and honestly I don’t know if I would ever light it again – is it even tradition to light it after the ceremony?  Knowing that the unity candle didn’t really work for us we thought about doing the sand ceremony which is a beautiful idea as well.  Then I saw the cross.  We have an entire cross wall in our living room and this would make a perfect addition to our fireplace mantel. It symbolizes our faith which is extremely important to both of us.

We were really torn on which cross to select.  On the Unity Cross website there were several options.  We decided to go with the contrast colors instead of a matching outer shell with the swirly inside.  We felt like it stood out more with the ivory on the insider with a darker outline.  It is hard to tell from the photos but our cross is the rubbed bronze and ivory.  The outer cross is a very dark shade of brown wood.  They also come in solid ivory, black, cooper and silver.  You can purchase it as a solid color with the cross inside matching the base or even make the lighter color on the outside with the swirly cross dark.  It all depends on your personal preference.  Since the inside cross represents the woman we went with a more feminine color on my cross and made the man’s cross more masculine.

Unity Cross Cards for Guests

When we received our Unity Cross in the mail it came with a hundred business cards to had out to guests at the wedding.  On each card it shares the tradition so the guests can follow along.  I thought this was a nice special touch and it did not cost us anything extra.  The business cards will fit perfectly inside your wedding programs.


The back view of card

The card reads:

The Unity Cross signifies the wedding covenant.  It is a lasting reminder of the Bride and Groom coming together with their faith in Christ, beginning their Life long Journey as One.  The bold outer cross represents the Groom.  He is the Strength and cover for his family and home, yet without his Bride, incomplete.  The intricate inner cross represents the Bride.  Beautiful and multi-faceted, she brings her creative abilities and wisdom.  The couple bring their hearts and faith in Christ together, joining their pieces of the Unity Cross and demonstrating their commitment to each other.  Thus completing the sculpture… And The Two Shall Become One.

During the ceremony we will put the two pieces of the cross together using three pegs.  The pegs represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  The wedding Officiant will then announce “What God has joined together, let no man take apart.”  In the base of the cross is a small drawer that we can place our wedding vows or other keepsake from the ceremony.


I cannot wait to officially put our Unity Cross together at our wedding ceremony and sit it in our living room on display!

Did you have a unity ceremony at your wedding?  Which tradition did you go with?

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  1. That is absolutely gorgeous! I bet anyone would love that as a keepsake.
    Robin (Masshole Mommy)´s last blog post ..3 diet myths that don’t work -and 3 that do!

  2. What a beautiful wedding keepsake! We didn’t have any unity traditions at our wedding but if I had to do it all over again, I would.
    Jen V´s last blog post ..Love Crafting? Here’s Why Stampin’ Up May Be the Perfect Home Business For You!

  3. That is beautiful. I love this idea. Wonderful keepsake.
    Debbie Denny´s last blog post ..Which States Did Best On Clean Energy Jobs?

  4. That’s a wonderful spin on the tradition. It will be beautiful in your home after the wedding too.
    Liz Mays´s last blog post ..5 Summer 2014 Must See Movies

  5. That is so beautiful a really wonderful keepsake.I would of loved one of these when we got married.
    Kay Adeola´s last blog post ..Explore the Regional Flavours of Italy with Filippo Berio Gran Cru

  6. That is just beautiful. We just did the candle. Looking back I would have done so many things differently.
    Milena´s last blog post ..Celebrate with Old El Paso Frozen Entrees #NoWayThatsFrozen #Spon #PlatefullCoOp

  7. That is so very pretty and would be great for the house afterward. We used the unity candles – we had never heard of this though.
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  8. Very pretty – nice switch I could see the cross being used for so many decoration ideas

  9. What a neat alternative to the unity candle. I love the card that comes with it.
    Virginia @thatbaldchick´s last blog post ..“You Are Beautiful” Bracelet

    • MommaDJane says:

      I was pleasantly surprised by the card too. I think it’s great to share with our guests since most haven’t seen the Unity Cross before.

  10. What a great alternative idea. Our candle kept blowing out…and then when we passed it on to my sister, they couldn’t light it!
    Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious?´s last blog post ..These kids are cracking us up

    • MommaDJane says:

      Oh no! Did she try lighting it before the wedding or was it at the ceremony she realized it wouldn’t light?

  11. This is absolutely beautiful and a nice alternative to the candle too.
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  12. I love this idea! I don’t even know where our unity candle is at this point- probably in a box in the garage.
    Shell´s last blog post ..The Change in My Summer Attitude

  13. very pretty. We didn’t do a unity anything, but did have vows and got away with only having us to do communion instead of the whole church.
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  14. I love it! If I ever get married I will have to keep this in mind.
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  15. This is such a great idea! It’s a perfect alternative to unity candles.

  16. So pretty. I bet a lot of people will love that.
    Lois Alter Mark´s last blog post ..second chances by maddie dawson

  17. We did a sand ceremony at our wedding. We poured different color sand into a jar!
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  18. Yes, that is beautiful. Too bad I eloped!

    • MommaDJane says:

      Mitch, we recently decided to elope but already purchased the cross so it’s going to the beach with us next week!

  19. We did not do a unity candle. I love the idea of a unity cross, though. If I’d known about it 7 years ago, I would have definitely gone with this.
    Jaime´s last blog post ..National Running Day 2014

    • MommaDJane says:

      I’m not sure it even existed seven years ago. I was surprised when I found it in January.

  20. We had a unity candle that I found. IT was simple and pink. This looks like a nice alternative to that.

  21. This is beautiful!!!! I like this better than an unity candle. And you keep it much longer!
    Elizabeth @ Food Ramblings´s last blog post ..Tomato and Zucchini Gratin {Secret Recipe Club}

    • MommaDJane says:

      That was our thought, I figured a candle wouldn’t last long in our home but this would last forever.

  22. This is such a beautiful cross. It would make a great addition to any wedding.
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  23. That’s gorgeous! Wish I had known about it when I got married.
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  24. The unity cross is beautiful. I love this idea!
    Sarah @ Must Have Mom´s last blog post ..How to Get Date Night Hair Every Day #Giveaway

  25. We did not have a unity ceremony at our wedding. I was already 13 weeks pregnant- so I think that was enough unity for us:)
    Carly from The Puzzled Palate´s last blog post ..Zeal Modern Eatery: Review and Coupon

  26. This unity cross is so pretty! I think it really does make the perfect wedding gift for a christian couple!
    Jenn @TheRebelChick´s last blog post ..Where to Buy Maleficent Toys and Other Merchandise

  27. Ann BAcciaglia says:

    That is a beautiful cross and I love the symbol that it represents. Thank you for sharing.

  28. That is stunning! As a Christian I so would love to have this, what a beautiful keepsake.
    Mama to 5 BLessings´s last blog post ..Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere With The Gazillion Typhoon 2.0 (Giveaway)

  29. Angela S says:

    That is just lovely and would be such a nice wedding gift.

  30. A beautiful addition to a wedding. That would make a great gift too.
    Tess´s last blog post ..Night Night, Sleep Tight: How to Get the Most Out of Your Bed

    • MommaDJane says:

      I never thought of it being a gift. So true, I would have loved receiving this from our parents.

  31. i love the cross and what it symbolizes. I don’t love the huge bolts though. it detracts from the beauty in the cross. Maybe its the opposing color.
    So excited for you, love reading all of your updates

    • MommaDJane says:

      The plugs are not sealed in on the photo so I think they will go in further once it is actually put together and they are glued in. Also they gave us two color pegs – Andrew just liked the silver. We may use the bronze though since the wood is brown.

  32. Maria Oller says:

    We didn’t have any traditions, was a simple catholic wedding, but that cross looks amazing.

  33. This is really beautiful! We did a unity colored sand thing because we are a blended family. Hubby, the four kids and I each had a vial of colored sand and we poured them all in to a beautiful vase with a stopper. Fun!
    Erica´s last blog post ..It’s a…(Insert Gender Here): 5 Adorable Ways to Announce You Are Pregnant

    • MommaDJane says:

      I love the blended family unity sand. My niece did that at her wedding and it turned out beautiful. We are also a blended family with five kids. We thought it might become a little much for us to do so instead we are including the kids in the wedding vows.

  34. That cross almost looks like a piece of art. It is really quite pretty…and that is without even thinking about what it represents.
    StacieinAtlanta´s last blog post ..Party Planning Fun with @ProFlowers & @Evite + Win Flowers! #PartyBlooms

  35. What a lovely ceremony keepsake!

  36. I love the scroll detail of this cross. I like this idea over the candle
    veronica´s last blog post ..Summer Promotions

  37. It’s beautiful! We lit candles at our wedding but I LOVE this!
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  38. This is really pretty, and I love that it’s something I’d really want to display in my house.
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  39. I love this cross. I’m getting married this year and we may use this.
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  40. I love this idea! My best friend’s getting married next week and they’re doing the sand thing.
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  41. That is a beautiful cross! I haven’t seen one before at a wedding…but I can tell you my unity candle is collecting dust :)
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  42. Oh my goodness, that is absolutely stunning. I have a soft spot in my heart for the intricacy of celtic crosses as well. Just beautiful.
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  43. That is beautiful. We didn’t have a unity cross, but I have been to many weddings they have and it’s always nice to see.
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  44. That is beautiful! I’ve been to several weddings with a unity candle ceremony, but never a unity cross. I like!
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  45. I LOVE that! I wish they had that for our wedding!
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  46. That’s just beautiful! What a great alternative!

  47. Awesome! I love the idea of a Unity Cross in place of the candle. It’s a beautiful keepsake and it will be a decor accent as well.

  48. This is such a great give idea. My brother is getting married and I do not have anything for him. Thanks for posting this!
    Clancy Cash Harrison MS, RD, LDN´s last blog post ..Don’t Toss the Leafy Greens from Root Veggies

  49. This unity candle is such a great idea. For those of us who have a strong basis in Christian faith, this is a nice addition to a wedding ceremony and something that can be displayed at home later.
    Janeane Davis´s last blog post ..Stop Procrastination – Prepare In Advance

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