Treasure Chest for the Ringbearer

Once Andrew and I got engaged we pretty much knew who was going to serve each role within the wedding.  With Noah being our youngest son it was only fitting that he be our ring-bearer.  Honestly I did not really think about asking him, I just felt – as his mother, it was a given.  During dinner one night we were talking about him being the ring-bearer and his response was shock.  He looked at me and said “I’m not doing that“.  My only response was to laugh and say “Oh, yes you are!“.  Of course then I may or may not have express how he would make me cry if he didn’t and how sad I would be.  A little mommy guilt thrown in.  Finally I figured out the real issue was him being a little shy and the fact he did not want to carry a pillow.

After explaining the role of a ring-bearer a little more clearly to him he wasn’t as nervous.  He understood that he would not be required to talk and he was simply carrying the rings down the isle.  I even assured him after he hands over the rings he is free to take a seat.  Since our wedding is vintage rustic and takes place outdoors I started coming up with ideas of what he could carry the rings on.  In a box, on a piece of wood, etc.  Without hesitation Noah looked at me and said “I want to carry them in a treasure chest“.

Ringbearer Treasure Chest

At the dinner table we pulled out my iPhone and started searching for a ring-bearer treasure chest.  I had never thought of it before but apparently his idea was not a new one.  We found tons of cute boxes and chests for the rings.  While browsing on Etsy we stumbled upon the perfect treasure chest.  As soon as Noah saw it he knew it was the one.  We both LOVED it.  I ordered it right away!

Ringbearer Chest

The treasure chest came in several colors so we were able to coordinate our wedding hues.  I love the little hearts on top that say We Do.  Noah was instantly sold on the latch.  It resembles that of a real treasure chest to him.


The inside of the box is not painted so there is no worry of getting any residue on your rings.  The bottom is lined with burlap which is perfect for our wedding having a hint of rustic to it.  The outside of the chest has an antique finish which ties into my love for a vintage wedding.

box for rings at wedding

There is twine inside the box.  Two different sections to hold each ring –  the groom’s wedding band and the bride’s wedding set.  You can tie them into a love knot or just simply loop them over.  I am so excited about our little find.  I think this is one of my favorite wedding items purchased so far.

ringbearer chest for wedding rings

The best part: this little keepsake treasure chest only cost me $29.95 from Angi’s Southern Chic Decor.  She was also very friendly to work with and responded to my questions quickly.  I cannot wait to see my handsome little man walk down the isle carrying his special treasure chest on my wedding day.

How were your rings carried down the isle on your wedding day?


  1. Dina says

    Maid of honor and the best man carried our rings. Love that though it is too cute and what a great keepsake.

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