Top Ten Thursday – NYC Must Dos

As you know I just got back from a fun weekend getaway in NYC this past Sunday.  Although there was a ton of things I wish I had more time to see, I still wanted to provide you with a list of things I did get a chance to do.  I absolutely LOVE big cities and had a blast in New York City.  The large buildings, fast paced life style, millions of things to do and even the crazy taxi cab drivers were amazing.  Here’s a Top Ten recap.

When Visiting New York City You Must:

  • See a Broadway Show ~ While I was in NYC over the weekend I had the chance to see West Side Story on Friday and Rock of Ages on Saturday.  I have seen Broadway shows prior to this weekend, however I saw one in Chicago and one in Dallas, so never actually on Broadway.  Standing on Broadway anticipating entrance into the show, going into the magnificent theater to find your seat, watching a breath-taking performance by the most talented people and then going to dinner all dressed in your Broadway show attire is all around exciting!
  • Visit the Statue of Liberty ~ Of course this is a given.  Anyone traveling to NYC for the first time has to go see one of the main tourist attractions that is a symbol for NYC.  Riding the ferry was very enjoyable in itself.  Taking pictures as we got closer to the huge statue was great.  But not only do you have to go and see the Statue of Liberty, while you are there you must take all out goofy tourist photos of yourself pretending to hold her in your hand.  I mean, you do want to fit in with the crowd, don’t you?
  • Ride the Subway~ Riding the subway was an experience.  When the doors open, don’t think twice, you either get on or you don’t but it doesn’t stick around long.  Once those doors close it is off and when the next one comes you literally feel a breeze down in that tunnel because it is moving so fast.  If you have seen those movies where the underground subway looks dirty, a little scary and filled with some strange looking people… it’s all true

    .  It even has a very odd smell to it.  But again, this is something you need to experience as part of NYC.

  • Visit Little Italy ~ This past weekend I lucked out by being in New York the same time they had a festival going on in Little Italy.  My favorite kind of food is Italian food so visiting Little Italy was a must 

    for me.  We had lunch right on the side walk at a little restaurant.  It was so good.  Walking around the festival was a bonus.  There are numerous Italian restaurants there and from what I hear, most are very delicious!

  • Take a Taxi ~ When walking around the city you will see numerous souvenir shops, within those shops you will see lots of souvenirs that have sayings such as “I survived a NY taxi ride” and those sayings are on there for a reason.  If it isn’t very clear to you at first, then go catch a taxi, take a ride (even a short one will do) and then you will fully understand why the souvenirs are sold.  There were times I wanted to just close my eyes while in the back of those cabs.  And before you tell your taxi driver that you are going to be late to your show or that you are in a hurry… think twice! I saw taxi drivers cut across three lanes just to turn, seriously!
  • Go Up the Empire State Building ~ I am claustrophobic when it comes to squeezing in an elevator with 10 other people and going up 86 floors, then I swear I could feel the building moving which made me a little nervous.  But that view of the skyline, wow.  I took photos from all four views.  The ocean and city buildings from way up high were breath-taking.  I enjoyed seeing it but I will admit it threw my whole equilibrium off.
  • Eat at Stardust Diner ~ Thursday night after getting settled in, we took a stroll around Times Square and stumbled into the Stardust Diner to grab a quick bite to eat.  The music was loud, the restaurant was crowded and cramped and the wait staff was singing.  It was fantastic!  The experience was so alive.  After being there a while we found out that the wait staff is working there to practice for Broadway.  You can not only hear but feel the passion in their voices.  They stood up and belted out Broadway songs like they were the real performers.  All of them share the same ultimate goal which is to end up on Broadway and witnessing them work so hard was great! I’d eat there again.
  • Stroll through Central Park ~ If I lived in NYC I would jog in Central Park every day.  We didn’t have a lot of spare time over the weekend but we did grab a quick breakfast and wander through the park a little ways.  We took photos next to the water fountains and I was sure wishing I had extra time to go for a run.  But unfortunately exercise didn’t fit into this weekend getaway.  Central Park sure is beautiful and it amazes me how it is in the middle of the city!
  • Experience Times Square ~ This was my favorite part of New York City.  The large buildings and bright lights, especially at night.  All the people just wondering around and enjoying their busy lives.  From restaurants, to shows, to shops: it’s all together.  There are also places where you can sit down right in the middle of it all and just relax or people watch.
  • Rockefeller Center ~ I didn’t get the all out tour of Rockefeller Center but I did take a moment to take some photos and look around.  I’ve watched several live concerts on television that were held right at Rockefeller and even Jay Leno interviewed someone last night who was sitting right next to the fountain I took photos near.  I just love being able to finally see the places in person that I’ve seen on TV shows so many times.

Honorable Mentions: Toys R Us has a huge store right in Times Square and within this store is a nice ferris wheel with very detailed cars that you ride in (I found this neat even without kids), shopping on 5th Ave while celebrity watching and haggling in Chinatown to get my purse for only a mere $15 was exciting!

To view the photos from my trip visit my Flickr set here.


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    So happy you were able to experience the city in more depth than I was. Maybe if I had explored without the two in diapers and been more prepared without our suburban things would have gone better … but we were no prepared for “the beast” to not fit into any parking garages … Justin had been there before he should have known! ROFL j/k he went as a bachelor and they got wasted the whole time and rode in cabs! LOL

    So happy you enjoyed this trip and you were able to see NYC!

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