Tips for Hosting a Memorable Football Party

I remember when I was growing up I would attend football parties at my best friend’s house.  Her dad would host multiple families where all the men would gather around the TV and cheer on the Dallas Cowboys.  And when I say cheer I mean shout at the TV.  Even though I loved attending the parties, besides all the junk food and craziness taking place in the living room it wasn’t much fun for us kids.  We would end up hanging out in my friend’s bedroom.

Below are some tips to make your football party a success.

The key to keeping everyone happy during a party is keeping everyone entertained.  Even simple football games that the kids can play by themselves while the adults watch the big game will work.

Make the kids feel included in the party by having a table setup just for them.  The above juice boxes with a football theme are easy to create and will make a big impression on the kids.  Don’t forget to set aside their own finger foods and sweets so they feel special.  A Kids Only Zone of sorts, no parents allowed

Source: via Dwan on Pinterest

Cut back on the party waste and prevent the tables and counter tops from becoming too cluttered by using printable name tags for labeling drinking cups.  This also serves as a great way to tie together your football theme decorations on clear plastic cups.


Whether hosting a football party at home or tailgating in the parking lot of the stadium, it’s important to make the food portable.  Finger foods and other small container size foods work best.  If you have a large group gathered in the family room of your home on couches then you do not want the hassle of large plates of food in their hands.  Keep it simple, yet tasty.

Source: via Dwan on Pinterest

What’s a party without decorations?  Toy footballs inside glass vases and plastic megaphones go well as centerpieces for your table.  A green table cloth altered to look like a football field with your spread of goodies displayed on top.

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