Teenage Daughter’s Wedding Toast

Teen Daughter Toast at WeddingBlending our families together was just as big of a deal to us as it was for Andrew and I to join together in our union as one.  Having my teen daughter, my side-kick, my best friend in my wedding meant a lot to me.  I have had her right by my side for 17 years now so to have her welcome my husband into our family with open arms while standing next to me when I said “I Do” was truly the only way I would have had it.  I believe she was just as excited about the wedding as I was.  During our reception at the beach she gave the first toast in front of our family and friends.  Andrew and I will cherish these words forever.

I have been racking my brain for the perfect words to say. And yes I was able to come up with a few ideas. But finding the perfect words is hard. Especially when it’s at my mom’s wedding, a wedding that I have been dreaming about forever. To get to see her walk down the aisle in the perfect dress and marry someone that she loves with all her heart, that is something that I will never forget.

I remember having to keep the secret that Andrew had the ring for my mom, I tried to convince him to propose on Thanksgiving just so I wouldn’t have to wait any longer. WORST and BEST secret that I’ve ever had to keep. ( For almost two months!)

Of course he picked the perfect moment to ask her, my luck though I was in the middle of Old Navy, so I was a crying-squealing mess in the middle of the store when my mom texted me a picture of the ring.

Andrew, yes, you are officially a part of the family according to a piece of paper, but you were a part of this family from the very beginning. We usually let you be a part after one of us almost kills you. For those of you who don’t know I got into a car accident last year and Andrew was in the passenger seat. The air bags went off causing him to dislocate his middle finger. In that moment Andrew had every right to hate me, but instead we became a lot closer.

Andrew – Noah, Gabby, and I welcome you, Jagger and Vanessa into our family not as step brother, step sister and step dad, but as a brother, sister and dad.

Wedding Toast

Tapanga’s speech gave me tears in my eyes and we all giggled at the reminder of the car accident. It was very sweet and brave of her to get up in front of the room and give her toast. She gets very nervous and shy when speaking in front of others so this was a very big deal for her. Her words really touched Andrew’s heart as well.

Blended Family Love at Wedding Reception

…and our family grew.

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  1. What a sweet, sweet girl! And you looked absolutely lovely on your wedding day, I love that dress!
    Jenn @TheRebelChick´s last blog post ..Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return Blu-ray Giveaway

    • MommaDJane says:

      Thanks, Jenn. I fell in love with that dress the moment I saw it. I couldn’t have found a better dress.

  2. Words spoken with love ~ My Gosh her speech made me cry!

    • MommaDJane says:

      They were words of love, Debbie! It made me cry too, I have some ugly cry photos the photographer captured.

  3. How sweet. I am sure that wasn’t easy for her to get up in front of everyone like that.
    Robin (Masshole Mommy)´s last blog post ..Homemade Ranch Dressing Recipe

  4. Congratulations, looks like it was a lovely day! Best wishes to your new awesome family.

  5. What a great toast. Congratulations to your entire family!
    Jaime´s last blog post ..What I’m reading Wednesday: Kristan Higgins

  6. beautiful! CHEERS and a toast to follow that!
    Lindsey @ Redhead Baby Mama´s last blog post ..Why I’m staying with Stitch Fix…

  7. Congrats! That was really sweet. Good thing she stayed on script too!
    Mitch´s last blog post ..Director James Gunn’s Blockbuster @Guardians of the Galaxy! #GuardiansoftheGalaxyEvent @JamesGunn

    • MommaDJane says:

      Mitch, I think she wrote and re-wrote several times before that day. She really put a lot of thought into the speech. I think being able to read it helped her have the courage to get up there in front of everyone.

  8. How sweet. I remember my mom’s several weddings and none went so well. One or the other of us kids inevitably didn’t like our new step dad and things never seemed to last long.
    Nicole´s last blog post ..What you should know about summer camp and the Disabilities Act involving your child’s rights

    • MommaDJane says:

      That’s sad to hear, Nicole. I’m sorry you and your siblings went through that. This is my first marriage with blending families and I can honestly say that Andrew and I would have never married if our kids did not approve. I couldn’t imagine a home with unhappy children.

  9. Great toast! I love that you have beautiful pictures to capture that moment. Congrats again!
    Betsy Mitchell´s last blog post ..Wedding Registry Suggestions + Target Giftcard Giveaway #TargetWedding

    • MommaDJane says:

      Thanks, Betsy. I regretted not recording the speech after it was over. I wasn’t prepared. So when we got the photos from the photographer I was extremely happy to see these that he captured!

  10. What a sweet toast! I would have cried!
    Shell´s last blog post ..Rethinking Innocent Kisses

    • MommaDJane says:

      Thanks, Shell. I did cry, I just saved those ‘ugly cry’ photos instead of sharing. Tapanga even cried during her toast and she refused to let me show those to anyone. LOL

  11. Awwww that was just about the best thing ever!
    Chrystal @ YUM eating´s last blog post ..The Yuck Stops Here {19}

  12. I would have been crying buckets in that moment. That was incredibly sweet and heartfelt.
    Liz Mays´s last blog post ..Game On! Denny’s Partners with Atari #DennysDiners

    • MommaDJane says:

      It took all my strength to not cry buckets. I did shed a few tears and the photographer captured that. Very special moments for us all.

  13. What a beautiful toast. I would have been bawling. Your daughter is so sweet!

  14. Congratulations! That is so special and sweet that she gave your toast. Best wishes!
    Jessica (Savory Experiments)´s last blog post ..Jarlsberg® Pesto Panini and Giveaway

  15. Oh my goodness. That’s the sweetest thing. Congrats on your marriage and bringing two families together. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.
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  16. What a beautiful, caring and thoughtful daughter you have! Congratulations on your marriage and family!
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  17. Her speech is so sweet! I also love their dresses!
    Krystal´s last blog post ..Chocolate Chip Bacon Pancakes #BaconMonth

  18. What a beautiful toast from your daughter. She sounds much more mature than her age implies.
    Virginia @thatbaldchick´s last blog post ..Four Tips Every Homeschool Family Needs to Know

  19. What a sweet speach. I am glad it’s not too hard to blend your families.
    Janell Poulette´s last blog post ..My Little Pony At Build A Bear

  20. OMGosh this totally has me crying. What a sweet speech!
    Danielle @ We Have It All´s last blog post ..Help Your Teen Feel More Confident with #InvisalignTalk Plus Win Free Invisalign Treatment!

  21. Aww, what a beautiful toast! This definitely brought tears to my eyes!
    Carly Anderson´s last blog post ..Grace

  22. Tears in my eyes as I read! How special to have your daughter give a toast!
    Christie´s last blog post ..The Hundred Foot Journey Movie Review – Starring Food! #100FootJourneyEvent

  23. What a beautiful post! It even made me tear up! You looked gorgeous too!
    Tracey´s last blog post ..Trace’s Adventures in Dating: An Abundance of First Dates

  24. Aww, this is so beautiful! I love the picture of you all hugging!
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  25. That is so beautiful! You could truly feel the love reading her speech.
    Lori´s last blog post ..‘The Best Mom in the World’

  26. How beautiful. So glad you all got your happy ending.

  27. What a touching toast. It’s not nice that there was an accident, it is very nice that since there was, the way it was handled brought your husband and daughter closer.

    Congratulations on your marriage!
    Rosey´s last blog post ..Staples Helps You Appreciate Your Back-to-School ‘Firsts!’ Kindle Fire HD (with WiFi) #Giveaway

    • Yes, the accident was a very unfortunate event. Pretty emotional for everyone and something it took her many months to get over. The guilt over hurting him caused her more pain than her own injuries.

  28. that is so sweet. I can’t imagine what my 17 year old would say. She would probably tell the guy he can’t have me because we are so close. Lol
    veronica´s last blog post ..One Day Remaining For Free E-Book Download

  29. How incredibly sweet! You are so blessed!
    Lara´s last blog post ..Febreze Review and Giveaway… PLUS a $60 Amex Card!

  30. Gah!!! So sweet! What a sweet girl you have. Tears…
    Camesha´s last blog post ..A labor of LOVE + I named her Get it, Mama!

  31. I am totally teared up reading this!!!! I am so happy for all of you <3

  32. Elizabeth @ Food Ramblings says:

    How sweet! What a wonderful toast :)

  33. That’s adorable! I love that she did this, and that you shared.
    Brett Martin´s last blog post ..Proper care for pets

  34. This was absolutely beautiful, she did such a wonderful job. I hope you are all very happy together; you are a gorgeous family.
    melinda´s last blog post ..Pizza Night #familyfavorites

  35. That is amazing! I love that she is embracing her new family members.
    Carly from The Puzzled Palate´s last blog post ..(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: My Blogger Buddy

  36. That is so sweet! You look absolutely beautiful. Congratulations.

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