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The kids and I are both getting excited about school starting back up in just a short week.  They are missing their friends and teachers and I’m missing a little extra quiet time.  I also truly enjoy getting out of the house and getting involved at the school.  Working from home limits my adult interaction therefore volunteering at the school and taking part in the kids extracurricular activities gives me the socialization that I love while being able to spend time with the kids I adore.

Last year Noah was in PreK and I had so much fun helping out with their school events.  Nothing beats happy 4 year old’s with smiling faces and giggling.  This year is his first year he’ll be joining the big kids at the elementary school.  I know he is nervous so I plan to be there to show my support as much as possible.

With budget cuts in the school district they have limited their classroom parties.  I always try to not only volunteer my time with Gabby’s class but also take food and other goodies to her class holiday parties.  She is in a small enough class that this past Christmas we were even able to take small gifts to give to the kids.  They each got a book from us.

Being a chaperone for the school field trips is the best.  I know they can become hectic and it’s not the best volunteer job for everyone but I truly enjoy going on fun field trips with kids.  They are always so excited and it’s the highlight of the school year.  Gabby loved going to the Fort Worth Zoo with her class more than she enjoys going with just our family.  There is just something fun about riding on a school bus and visiting a place to learn with all your friends…  Kids love it.

Another highlight of the year for kids is their Field Day.  I must prefer when my kids’ school host during the ‘not so hot’ months here in Texas.  This past year it was pretty brutal out but the year before it was actually really nice.  They offer several water games which is exciting for the kids.  I even volunteered my service as a partner in a three-legged race.  That was a sight to see… I’m not sure which is more sad, the fact I’m short enough to race with an elementary school child or a woman in her upper 20’s competing in a three-legged race against other elementary school children.  But it was fun.  I would publish the photo for your amusement but unfortunately I don’t have permission from the other child’s parents and I don’t want to break their privacy on the internet.  Hey, it’s a perfectly good excuse!

Other ways I’ve helped my children’s school is by collecting Box Tops for Education, preparing their kindergarten reading books and putting together the worksheet packets for the teacher.  There are many ways you can get involved at your child’s school even on limited time or funds.  The teachers can always use a helping hand with school projects that often can be worked on at home after the kids go to bed.

What are you most looking forward to this school year?  Do you volunteer at your child’s school?  If so, what is your favorite activity to take part in?

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