Ranger Rick Jr. Appventures

Over the past few weeks our family has explored the Ranger Rick Jr. app for the iPad.  When I say explored, I mean that literally.  The kids not only had fun playing the games, they actually learn something too.  When I was asked to review this app, provided to me at no charge, I agreed right away because of the educational value. Noah was playing the game and taught me new facts he was learning about various animals.  He found it both fascinating and entertaining.

There are three categories on the home screen once you open the app.  Play, Explore and Create.


Ranger Rick Jr. allows you the option to select between five games within the first category.  Jigsaw Puzzle, What’s Wrong with this Picture?, Photo Safari, Hide and Seek and Match Sounds.

photo 1

On the Photo Safari you hold the iPad up like a camera and move around to find the lions to photograph.  You twist the iPad from side to side and are only allotted 11 shots in your camera to capture all the lions.  Which means you must put more than one lion in some photos.

Gabby loves puzzles so she enjoyed the jigsaw puzzle game, featuring animals which she is also fond of.

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During the Match Sounds game the animal hides behind the bushes and makes a sound.  Then you are given multiple choice animals at the bottom of the screen to select which animal you think it sounds like.  After each round, once you select the animal, Ranger Rick tells you facts about that animal.  I was surprised at how much I learned with the kids.  We found this game very interesting and it sure beats just studying animal facts.


What’s Wrong with this Picture? game is pretty self-explanatory.  However the game is set on a timer so you must find as many objects out of place as you can within the time frame.


After you select the Explore category you are placed within an open range with Ranger Rick and a lion.  The instructions have you follow the lion’s tracks while he tells you facts about lions and other animals along the way.  There are videos you can watch that play within the app and teach you more about the animals.  There is also various small activities within the learning track such as Lion’s Roar which compares other objects to a lion’s roar, like a tour bus or elephant.


Under the category Create you can select; Sticker Board, Animal Piano, Animal Builder or Trail Tales.

T loves elephants so we had a blast creating our own animal by mixing the different animal body parts under Animal Builder.  We made this elephant specifically for T and sent her a screen shot for her phone background.  She got a good laugh out of it.

photo 4-1

Do you remember playing Mad Libs as a kid?  I would make everyone play along in my Mad Lib stories by giving me a word to fill in the blanks.  The Trail Tales is similar to that with an easy version or slightly more advanced.

photo 2-2

Each step of the story offers you a word box for easy selection.  For kids that are a little older or have their parent’s help they can type in the blank their own answer.  No matter which route you take, pre-selected word or your own, the story comes out cute.

photo 1-2

Our family has spent hours on the Ranger Rick Jr. Appventures.  Each time one of the kids sits down to play the games they try something new.  As a mom I approve of the educational value they get out of playing this app.

Full Disclosure: Our family received a complementary code for downloading this iPad app for review purposes. All opinions are our own.


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