Proposing to my bridal party

On Christmas Eve I had the pleasure of proposing to my bridesmaids. I found so many cute ideas online for creative ways to ask my best girlfriends to stand by my side during my wedding planning process and on my special day.

Finding small ring boxes that were large enough to hold a ring-pop candy sucker was no easy feat. Surprisingly Hobby Lobby had none so I ended up purchasing a package of simple, white candy treat boxes at Walmart. Although I only needed 6, they came in a package of 15 and were located on the wedding isle of the store.

I purchased silver glitter letter stickers in the scrapbook section to put each friend’s initial on the front of the little white box. Then on the inside of the top of the box I wrote my message to each of them. My very important question. Will you be my Maid of Honor? Will you be my bridesmaid? Will you be my flower girl?

While we were all together on Christmas Eve I had each of them sit down and I handed them their boxes to open. I wanted to ask them at the same time so the surprise wasn’t spoiled. I think I was just as excited to see them untie the white satin bows are they were to find out what was inside.



I love how Gabby’s first instinct was to take out the sucker and put it in her mouth. I see where her priorities are. We all laughed about that as her tongue and lips turned colors from the ring-pop.


They all said yes!


Unfortunately one of my bridesmaids wasn’t able to make it over on Christmas Eve but we were able to meet up a few days later. She was able to share a photo of her ring box and the excitement on Facebook.

I am excited to have my Maid of Honor, three bridesmaids and two flower girls. My teenage daughter, T, is one of my bridesmaids while my youngest daughter, Gabby, is one of my flower girls. Although flower girls are usually younger than 11 years old I figured it is my wedding so I can assign whomever I want. Who cares about standard practices…

It is up to Andrew to announce the groomsmen but I will say, Noah sure will look like my handsome little man in his ring-bearer suit.

Now to plan a wedding!


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