Precocious Puberty Stabilized

We finally had Gabby’s checkup since her implant surgery. It was the first time we have seen her Endocrinologist in the office following the Supprelin LA implant.

They conducted routine blood work to check her hormone levels and today we received the call that everything was back to normal.  Her precocious puberty has Cook Children Hospital, Fort Worth Texas, Endocrinologysuccessfully been suppressed.  That is such great news because it means for now we go on about our lives and no worries to change any part of the treatment plan.  I do not have to go back to administering injections every 28 days!

She started a new medication and has slowly tapered off of one she was on for about five years.  I am especially excited about this because I did not like her being on that specific medication for so long.  She is also doing so much better now than she was.  It’s truly working wonders.

She is so happy and doing extremely well in school.  She has grown a ton over the summer (TWO PANT SIZES) and maturing before my eyes.  She will soon be taller than me, I’m sure.  I am so proud of her!

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