Even a phone booth can be entertaining in London

As you know each week I’m writing a blog post for Project We along with my daughter and we are following a list of pre-selected themes.  Each of us write our own posts or share a photo that goes with the weekly theme.  This week’s theme is red.  Instead of writing about Valentine’s Day I spent time browsing through photos and found some of my favorites from my trip to London, England.

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Who says playing in a red phone booth in the middle of downtown London can’t be fun?  Nonsense.  My favorite part of visiting this country was walking the streets and admiring all the differences in culture.  I acted as the typical tourist and went around snapping photos.  I was so intrigued by all the signs and the way they word things compared to how we would see the same sign in the United States.  Even their mailboxes are more elaborate than ours.  England itself is such a gorgeous country!

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Of course while I was in London I had the chance to travel by Underground and hear the famous ‘mind the gap‘ announcement.  I even have the t-shirt to prove it.  The Underground was busy and fast pace.  Going from one location to another there were times we had to ride on multiple trains, thank goodness for visual maps to help us figure out the way.  It was exciting and an experience to say the least.

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My stay in London was way too short before we headed to Scotland for a quick visit.  I can’t wait to travel to London, England and Scotland again one day.  I fell in love with both and if it wasn’t for my family I could see myself going to stay for an extended period of time.

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