Painting with a Twist – Grapevine, Texas

In January my good friends invited me to join them at a painting class at Painting With a Twist in Grapevine, TX.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect it to turn out very well.  I’m always up for trying new things and I had seen their first painting they did at Painting With a Twist and was extremely impressed so thought, why not?  The cool thing about attending a painting class at Painting With a Twist is the fact you are allowed to come as a group, bring your own drinks and snacks.  We took fruit, cheese and crackers, wine and bottled water.  I knew I was sure to have a good time even if my painting turned out awful.

They had about eight people per table setup with a canvas on an easel, the colors of paint needed for the class and cup of water with brushes.  The artist instructor was at the front of the class with her own canvas ready to walk us through each step one by one.  A camera was zoomed in to show how she was painting and displayed on a large screen TV hanging from the ceiling so those in the back of the class could see better.

Every ten to fifteen minutes the instructor would ring a bell and that was the alarm for you to stop painting and take a sip of whatever drink you had brought.  It was a moment to take a break, stop worrying if your painting looked okay and just relax.  The main rule was to have fun and not worry over your painting because they assure you it will all come together in the end and no one’s will match their neighbor’s, which is a good thing.

I’ll admit, I not only had a blast but was surprised at how well my painting turned out.  Of course I can find quite a few flaws in it and things I wish I could have made slightly better but I believe that’s just my struggle with perfectionism coming out.  For my first time painting I’m just happy it came out well enough to hang in my home.

Painting With a Twist has multiple locations in several states.  I highly recommend checking them out.  You can view the calendar of classes which includes what picture they are planning to paint for each specific location.  You can also book online or pay in person.  I suggest at least calling ahead.  They offer private parties as well as public classes, which is what we did.  It’s $35 for a two hour class and $45 for a three hour class.  It depends on the photo on how long the class is.  Our photo was a three hour class and the time flew by.

I can’t wait to visit Painting With a Twist again.  The ladies at my church are already planning for an afternoon of painting.  I would happily spend $45 again to paint another canvas.



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