One Hospital Stay Down and One Surgery To Go

Gabby’s monthly injections have been going well. With her last update we had decided to start going into the doctor’s office to have a nurse administer them instead of the ugly mess they had started out to be at home. The day we left for our Disney Cruise, in April, Gabby requested I give her the injection myself at home and it went very smoothly. I guess she finally realized this was something that couldn’t be avoided no matter what and preferred to stay away from the hospital if at all possible.

She has received five injections now and hopefully that is all. On June 13th Gabby goes into the hospital for an outpatient surgery where they will implant a small pill of sorts under her skin that lasts for a full year. Meaning no more injections at least until then. If all goes well.

Over the last two months Gabby has been struggling with not sleeping and dealing with rapid mood changes including anger. She just hasn’t been happy or herself. Week before last they put her into the hospital for four nights to monitor her and observe her medication. We have since made two small changes and this week has gone extremely well considering. She is already acting like herself again and smiling which is amazing.

The day she got out of the hospital we celebrated by attending a local festival, Taste of Addison. She had a blast riding rides and jumping on the bungee trampoline. It was a wonderful family outing after some struggles.


{Gabby loves to swing}

{She loves to jump high}

I’m just praying we are back on a road with a light at the end of the tunnel. Praying for health, wellness and a hospital free summer with lots of laughter and family memories made. {after her quick surgery}

What do you have planned with your kids this summer?

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  1. Jackie says

    Saying a prayer all goes well and that you have a fantastic summer!
    Gabby’s hair looks so pretty the way it is braided!

  2. Erika says

    Gabby love the hair, looks beautiful .. are you crazy ? those rides omgosh, I always say I shouldnt have swung my kids so much when they were babies around and up high etc.. they would want all those crazy rides at the fair etc.. and they do ugh!! lol I use too but not know more. I suppose you will be rock climbing and bungee jumping before you know it. Hmmm wonder if your moms going to do them too so she can feature here on her blog.

    God bless

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