Noah’s Modeling Debut – Kids Spring Fashion

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Last month Noah was asked if he would stand in as a model for a local news segment.  The CW’s Eye Opener met us at a local boutique where Noah was given an outfit to model classified as hipster style.

naartjie kids

The staff at Naartjie Kids was very friendly and welcoming to host us in their store. Although Noah’s outfit was from Kapital K, the outfits worn by the girls in the segment were Naartjie Kids.

I thought Noah would be extremely shy and not agree to do it but I was pleasantly surprised when he jumped at the opportunity. It was cute watching all the kids be models for the day. The little ones were feeling a little awkward but the cameramen made the filming super easy. They were so friendly with the kids and had them laughing several times during the morning. Noah was only prepared to model his outfit and smile for the camera. So when the news anchor asked him a question he was a little timid and mumbled his answer.

The segment consisted of filming the kids individually, all together and broken up into three groups based on style of outfit.

Eye Opener CW

There were two video camera shooting from different angles and moms with their iPhones capturing the adorable moments.  Andrew even took some still photos for me while I was taking my very own behind the scenes videos.  The kids were told to smile, twist, turn, look this way, look that way, wiggle your toes, point to your favorite part of the outfit and smile some more.

CW's Eye Opener

Then at the end they were told to jump up and down, swing their arms, cheer and smile!  They were excited…. it was over.  Noah had fun and so did I.  The experience was neat for him.  Although he isn’t heading off to enlist as a model and launch a career at the age of 7, he did enjoy it.  You can view the CW’s Eye Opener Spring Fashion segment below and find behind the scenes photos/videos on my Instagram.

Full Disclosure: We did not get to keep the outfit shown above.  Noah stood in as a model for this TV segment for the fun of the experience.


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