Three New Nickelodeon DVDs for Kids

A fast and easy-to-buy gift for kids that you know will always be loved are DVDs. Nickelodeon just released three new titles and kids across the nation are loving them!

 Available on DVD August 28th, 2012. SpongeBob Ghoul Fools

This is a collection of scary and funny SpongeBob episodes! If you have a SpongeBob fan in your house, then this DVD makes a fabulous gift.

My favorite episodes:

Ghoul Fools
The title episode finds SpongeBob and his best friend Patrick in a houseboat haunted by a crew of ghost pirates! As always, they find themselves in a pickle! Soon they are in the middle of a fight between the pirates and the Flying Dutchman.

The Curse of Bikini Bottom
Silly SpongeBob and Patrick are up to no good when they sneak into Squidward’s shed and find his lawn mower. Kids laugh hysterically as he turns on the mower and SpongeBob and Patrick spin out of control! They run over the Flying Dutchman’s grave in the cemetery while he is trying to pick out a shirt for his date. Then, to make matters worse, they shave off his beard with their mower!

Ghost Host
The Flying Dutchman ends up living at SpongeBob’s house and he scares, startles and freaks SpongeBob out around the clock. Eventually, SpongeBob gets use to it and creates a panic for the old ghost. In the end, SpongeBob decides to lend a hand and help the Flying Dutchman learn to scare people again.

Born Again Krabs
When Mr. Krabs becomes cheap, the Flying Dutchman tells him to stop or else he visits Davy Jones’ locker forever!

SpongeBob and Patrick play “Treasure Hunt” with Mr. Krabs. The pretend search for gold bores Mr. Krabs and he takes them on a real treasure hunt!

Your Shoe’s Untied
Patrick gets a new pair of shoes, but doesn’t know how to tie his laces. When SpongeBob offers to demonstrate lace tying to Patrick, tons of bad stuff happens.

 Fresh Beat Band: The Wizard of Song – Available August 14, 2012

Young children love singing and dancing with the Fresh Beat Band. And this DVD will be one of their favorites!

Fresh Beat Band: The Wizard of Song Episode Synopses:

 The Wizard of Song

Marina plays as Dorothy and is swept up into a windstorm, and lands in Oz where she meets Glinda the Good Witch (Sarah Chalke). Just like the classic movie, she meets a Scarecrow(Twist), a Tin Woods-Woman (Kiki), and a Lion (Shout). The difference? They are going to the Wizard of Song (Jason Mraz) so that Marina can find her way home.

Ghost Band

Not like the Wizard of Oz – The Fresh Beats run into a ghost band when they get a gig in a western town. Then there is a musical showdown between the Beats and the Ghosts.  It all works out as they learn the ghosts are just misunderstood.

Chimps in Charge

The Fresh Beats help their friend Harper babysit a pair of chimps who are a huge handful. Marina builds a jungle gym for the chimps in the park and the Fresh Beats find a perfect song to rock their show.
 Big Time Movie and Rags: Available August 28th

These are two original Nickelodeon TV movies that your older children will enjoy.  These are musicals and bursting with energy and good times.

What the movies are about:

Big Time Movie

In Big Time Movie, Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan travel to London for their first big world tour. There is a twist because they  end up helping to save the world. With their bags switched at the airport, they inadvertently gain possession of a fearsome device that, in the wrong hands, could destroy the world.


This is Cinderella backwards – telling the story as if she was a boy and the prince was a princess.  Rags introduces us to Charlie, a super-talented singer songwriter who can’t seem to catch a break. He’s an orphan living with his mean stepfather and not-so-bright stepbrothers and his dream is to finally be recognized. Everything changes when he meets Kadee, the amazing singer and daughter of a music mogul, who also wants the world to see her true talent.


Pick up one – or all 3 – of these movies today!

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