Make-a-Wish 5K, Here we come!

As most of you know The Make-a-Wish Foundation sent us to Give Kids the World in Orlando, FL for Gabby’s Wish trip before her brain surgery.  We went in October of 2007 and her surgery was the first week of November.  The ladies at Make-a-Wish literally put together our trip in less than a week!  They were amazing.  Everything happened so fast with Gabby’s doctors that we only had about two weeks to prepare for surgery.  Being given seven days to ‘get away’ from reality and just live a dream was priceless.  Watching Gabby smile and be treated like a princess was the best gift I could imagine.

We stayed at Give Kids the World and were given tickets to visit Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World.  Since we live only about four hours from San Antonio, TX we decided to not spend time at Sea World.  We wanted to use all of our time at the Disney Parks and Universal Studios.  It was amazing.  Everyone treated our whole family, including Tapanga, like stars.  The girls didn’t have to wait in line to ride rides or to meet and greet the characters.  Gabby had a special one on one meeting with Dora the Explorer since she was her favorite at the time.  Disney World and Universal Studios

truly wanted us to be stress free and enjoy every second of our trip.  They know how important it is for children with life threatening illnesses or surgeries to just go and have as many smiles on their face as possible.

Right now my good friend Teri is at Give Kids the World with her family for her son, Johnathon’s Wish trip.  Johnathon has a brain tumor and has been going through chemo and radiation for some time now.  He is only three years old.  His big brother is only four and can you imagine how hard it is for all of them?  Being given seven days to walk away from hospital visits and doctor appointments is a true blessing.  To not worry and just have fun!

Here is a Muvee Reveal that I created to show a glimpse into our Wish Trip. Enjoy!

On March 28th we are participating in the Make-a-Wish Foundation‘s annual 5K. They will feature the Wish kids at the beginning of the race/walk and we are so excited! I would walk around the world and back for this organization. We are very blessed to take part with The Make-a-Wish Foundation. It didn’t just stop after our one time trip. We have gone to other events and had a blast!

We are collecting donations towards our walk by visiting the Donation page. We have created Team Gabby, where so far both my daughters, my mother, my sister and myself are all walking. Every dollar of donation helps grant wishes for children daily. When donating towards this cause just remember: The Make-a-Wish Foundation grants wishes for kids, making their dreams come true and sometimes those are the last set of smiles that family experiences with their wish child. The Wish trips are truly amazing and not only for the child who has the illness but for the family as well. Those memories last a lifetime for everyone who takes part!
Thank you in advance for helping us grant wishes for future children!



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    i came over from twitter…and i have some major MAWF love too! one of my besties has a terminally ill daughter, abigail, who got a wish 2 years ago to disney…and it was more than fantastic! super stuff going on here. i’m off to see more aobut what you are doing and check out the links! prayers for you and yours…thanks for supporting a great organization!

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    Wow Dwan – great Muvee skills! It’s taken me about a week or so but I finally came over to check the post and I’m so happy you emailed it to me!
    I’m definitely going to donate and I’m posting a link later to my blog. Did you put this on Facebook yet?
    Good luck with the 5K and I’m so happy to call you my friend.

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    I wrote about this too – trying to pass along the word. Figured I may be able to donate something on Thursday but in case I can’t wanted to help tell more people and maybe get you some more donations! You are so wonderful – happy Gabby can walk in it this year – I bet you will have a blast!

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    I would love to do what I can. I have designed a Make-A-Wish necklace for our local chapter that centers around the idea of “Every Penny Counts”…may I send you one? I am such a supporter of every MAW does…and I would love for you to have this piece. Just let me know :)

  5. Babette says

    Had fun at the walk felt great to give back to the organization that helped Gabby out. Love ya lets do it again!!

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