I’m One of the New iVoices on iVillage

I’m so excited to announced I was selected as one of the new iVoices on iVillage.  I sent in my audition video towards the beginning of June and they announced on June 21st that I was one of ten selected.  I believe this is an amazing opportunity for me and I feel beyond blessed to be chosen.  You can view the announcement video below.

For my first assignment I was asked to cover the topic of Living Life to the Fullest.  My first thought was to discuss my Life List.  I am a strong believer in having a Life List no matter how long it is.  I feel if you have a list of things you want to accomplish in your life no matter how simple, how small or even those long term goals that it gives you perspective to look at and work towards.  Putting something in writing helps give that extra boost you need and acts as a reminder to not only do the things that make you happy but also to live life to the fullest every day with no regrets.  My teen daughter was also featured in my first iVoices report discussing her teen life list and why she created it.

I hope you enjoy my very first iVoices report and I would love for you to visit the iVillage iVoices website to see what else is going on over there.  I’m amazed by the great team I am a part of now and there are many other truly amazing reporters providing content regularly.


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