Introducing the LunaDisc and Support for Mayan Artisans

The creators of the PocketDisc have partnered up again to launch a new product line called the LunaDisc.  As a fair trade product the LunaDisc is not only going to entertain the buyers of the product but also benefit a community of Mayan Artisans that will help manufacture each flying disc by crocheting by hand.

In order for the LunaDisc to be produce the founders have a campaign live to earn money for production costs.  The deadline is August 5th.  There are multiple options for donating.  You can simply purchase a PocketDisc of your choice by visiting their KickStarter Project online.  On the right hand side of their fundraising page you can see the numerous options for donations and prizes you will receive for pledging money to help fund the LunaDisc project.

Which design would you order?  Who would you give a LunaDisc to once they are ready for shipment?

Full Disclosure: I was compensated for sharing this information with you.  All opinions are mine.

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