Happy Chinese New Year

The first week of December our family had the opportunity to bring a foreign exchange student into our home for the remainder of this school year. I’ve always wanted to be a foster mom and I felt this was as close to that as possible at this time in my life.

T was beyond excited to have a big sister come into the home. Lulu is 17, from China and a senior in high school. She has taught us so much since she has been here.

Today marks the Chinese New Year and Lulu taught us a few fun facts. In China they purchase new outfits even down to new shoes to wear on the first day of the new year. All the children receive lucky money for their gift on New Years. Family members come from afar to be together on this special day and they prepare about fifty different dishes for a feast. I wish our new year celebrations were as awesome as in China! Who wouldn’t want a free excuse to buy new clothes and shoes? Of course I’ve passed the age for lucky money since they stop at age 18.

I know it has been an adjustment for Lulu to be in the United States and daily she learns new things. In the last two months she has become part of our family.

~ Happy Chinese New Year from our family!

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