Hand Painted Twilight Saga Converse

With Christmas just passed there are so many teens looking for the best items to spend their Christmas cash on.  The Twilight Saga is coming to an end and a great way to celebrate the release of the final movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2, is to order these amazing hand-painted Converse. Artist Elizabeth Picardi offers many hand-painted Converse and Toms in her store with multiple designs including Twilight Saga, Harry Potter, Adventure Time and many more.

T is a total die-hard fan of the Twilight Saga and just had to have these shoes.  I was beyond impressed with the design and quality.  The shoes arrived and looked almost identical to the ones displayed in the Etsy store.  The paint used is waterproof plus the artist uses a waterproof seal on top of the paint to give it an extra coat of protection.

The moment T opened the box her Converse shoes came in she was taking photos and sharing on Instagram for all the Twilight Saga fans to see.

She has worn them daily to show them off since Christmas and even though they are waterproof T is being extremely careful to take great care of her shoes.  She is so excited about them.  I just wish I was as talented as Elizabeth Picardi to paint amazing portraits on shoes.  I know it can’t be easy.

Order your own hand-painted Converse or Toms on Etsy today and save 15% off your order by using code: HOLIDAYKICKS


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