Geocaching Across States on Road Trip

On our road trip to Tennessee I thought it would be fun to take the kids Geocaching. I had heard of the live, never ending, interactive scavenger hunt before and knew the kids would love it. I downloaded the free iPhone iOS app which allows you to find three geocaches using your GPS location. After you have completed your first three finds, the full app costs $9.99.

We decided to find our first geocache while driving through Arkansas. We stopped at a rest stop for a quick break and surprisingly there was a geocache at that actual location.

On the app it shows the description of the geocache, the difficulty level of finding it, the terrain and size of container you are searching for.

The app walks you through each step one at a time so it’s very clear on how to take part in the scavenger hunt. You use your iPhone GPS to search the area on foot.

The blue dot shows you moving as you get further or closer to the geocache which is shown as the green symbol. Once you get so close it shows the two dots on top of one another then you need to read the hint and details of the geocache you are hunting to get clues as where it’s hidden.

Noah was so excited to find the geocache. The container was a sports bottle hidden inside the PVC pipe next to the water spout.

Once you find a geocache you open it up, sign the log and if it’s a larger geocache then you have the option of keeping one of the items inside as a token as long as you replace the item with something you have. It was really neat to see the log book inside this geocache. It was dated back to 2010 with hundreds of entries logged. We logged the date and our username that we use on which is MommaDJane.

Of course Noah’s favorite part was digging through all the items inside the container. It’s like finding a treasure.

The instructions inside the container had experienced water damage but it was still clear what to do and all the instructions were also included on the iPhone app and online through

Have you gone Geocaching? Share your scavenger hunt stories with me in the comments below. Also if you sign up on for a profile, find me – MommaDJane.

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  1. says

    We use Geomate.jr for our Geocaching adventures but were just introduced to this last year. Def going to be going further than just our town this year with ours. So much fun!

    • MommaDJane says

      I’ve never tried Geomate Jr. before. Is it just easier for kids but works the same way? May need to look that up for Noah to use. We haven’t done any Geocaching near our home yet but plan on it when we get back in town. It was so much fun.

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