Fun Costumes for Little Girls

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Every year, children celebrate one magical night in which they can embody their dreams. Dressed in costumes that range from simple to extreme, kids love Halloween for both the fantasy and the sweet treats. Little girls have a wide variety of costumes from which they can choose. Some are traditional choices, like witches and princesses. Others are more unique, like television characters or even celebrities. A young girl’s costume should reflect her personality and her imagination.

Traditional Halloween Costumes 

Whether a parent decides to purchase a Halloween costume or make one at home, there are plenty of choices for traditional costumes. One spooky choice is a ghost, which requires little more than a sheet, a pair of scissors, and a steady hand.

Many little girls prefer to have costumes that are more colorful and vibrant. Princesses are a mainstay of Halloween night, and there are many costumes from which to choose. Other popular choices are fairies and movie characters. This Halloween, those answering their doors to trick-or-treaters can expect to see plenty of female superheroes.

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Unique and Interesting 

A little girl who likes to stand out in her daily life is likely interested in choosing a costume that is a bit out of the norm. Even those children who prefer to blend with the crowd may find themselves longing for a choice that gives them an original look and feel. Girls can bring back historical pop culture icons this Halloween. What little girl wouldn’t want to dress as Marilyn Monroe or Scarlett O’Hara?

Carmen Miranda costumes are fun too. The iconic hat of fruit can be purchased or made at home. Some little girls may decide that they want to portray less feminine characters. It’s easy to turn a dainty girl into Groucho Marx with just a black suit, hat, glasses, and a fake mustache.

Group Costumes 

One of the funnest parts of Halloween is trick-or-treating with friends. It is even more fun when friends and family members can get together to coordinate their costumes. A group can choose a popular television show or movie franchise to emulate. The characters of Scooby Doo are a fun choice, as are most Disney programs. Some may wish to use famous fairy tale characters. Little girls can dress as Red Riding Hood, Bo Peep, and Goldilocks as they go out together.

The most important part of choosing a Halloween costume for a little girl is that it is the costume that she prefers. Halloween only comes once a year, help her to make it special.

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