My favorite personalized wedding item – champagne flutes

After Andrew and I decided to have a small destination wedding at the beach I searched for nautical themed items.  Our honeymoon was a cruise which fit us perfectly.  Considering it was our third cruise in ten months I would say it is our favorite way to travel.  When I saw these anchor champagne flutes I fell in love with them.  Oriental Trading offered me the chance to review a few items and this set of personalized wedding flutes were on my must-have list.

Personalized Chapagne Flutes for WeddingAlthough it is extremely rare for Andrew and I to drink I wanted the flutes as a keepsake.  Plus for a first toast what better wine glass than one with your names and wedding date engraved on them?

pouring wine for wedding toast

After our reception we went back down to the beach for photos at sunset.  We took the bottle of wine with us to the beach and shared our first toast privately next to the ocean.  I cannot imagine a better way of doing it.  Andrew poured the wine for both of us while our photographer captured the moment.

bride and groom first toast

After a long day of getting ready, having our beach ceremony, celebrating with our immediate family and close friends at our lunch reception, eating cake and hanging by the pool with everyone for more visiting – we probably deserved that bottle of wine.  However, to be honest, we only took a few sips.  Neither of us even finished our one glass.  We were so eager to capture more beautiful ocean photos before the sun went down that we posed for photos, crossed our arms and toasted to our official union.

bride and groom kiss during toast

The personalized wedding flutes mean a lot to us.  Not only did they look good in photos and serve their purpose on our wedding day but they are a keepsake that will remind us of our special moments on the beach.  I feel like by having our wedding champagne flutes engraved they mean more to us.  The personalization of our names and wedding date etched into the glass truly does give them that extra special touch.  Unlike other regular wine glasses which we would have never paid attention to, let alone keep.

beach wedding toast

I was impressed with the amount of time it took Oriental Trading to ship our glasses once they were ordered.  The etching of our names and date along with the anchor looks great.  We have washed them twice now and they are still in mint condition.  None of the etching was damaged.  I plan to display them on a shelf and hopefully I’ll find a special occasion to use them again before our anniversary.  Maybe New Year’s Eve.

Did you have personalized wedding flutes for your special day?  What was your favorite item from your wedding?

Full Disclosure: I received the set of two personalized champagne flutes for my wedding complimentary from Oriental Trading to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% mine.


    • MommaDJane says

      Our wedding consisted of about 30 people including us and our five kids. We did a small ceremony that was technically a destination wedding since it was a five hour drive to the closet beach. Honestly these champagne flutes are one of the few items we still have from that day. The only items are shells we collected. I wouldn’t change it either. The big wedding was too much stress.

    • MommaDJane says

      Thank you, Jessica. I was going for the vintage lace look. I just loved the dress, it was simple like I wanted. I also order other items from Oriental Trading but our wedding was the first time we had anything personalized.

    • MommaDJane says

      I need to try an etching kit at home. I read another blog tutorial yesterday on that for mirrors. I saved it to attempt for a nice decor item.

    • MommaDJane says

      Oh wow, do people really buy them used at Goodwill if they are personalized with someone’s name and wedding date on it?

  1. Pam says

    I had personalized flutes at my wedding, but we didn’t serve alcohol! They just looked so nice in pictures, I had to have them for our punch. Your flutes are so beautiful. I love the anchor motif!

    • MommaDJane says

      We didn’t serve alcohol at the reception either. We almost forgot, honestly. So we bought an inexpensive bottle of wine for our toast but didn’t even drink it. We laugh about it now.

    • MommaDJane says

      Our shot glasses didn’t turn out that great. They came with a printed sticker on them instead of the glass being etched. :-(

  2. says

    Those are lovely! The anchor is cute AND meaningful – great idea. I got married at the Beverly Hills courthouse so no we don’t have any decorations. But I do have the flower arrangement my mother made for our reception :)

  3. says

    We didnt have a “wedding” we got married in my MIL living room…. with the minister and 2 witnesses and our 2 kids (and one in the belly) we are going to be having the real thing eventually, just so I can have my dress…. so I won’t be able to answer until then but I love your flutes so super cute!

  4. says

    Fast shipping with personalized items is DEFINITELY worth mentioning because it’s not common. I think personalized flutes are a great idea.

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