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DFW Drive Your Dream offers test drives of luxury vehicles. Whether your dream car is a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi or Ashton Martin they have a sports car ready for you to have fun in.

I heard about DFW Drive Your Dream through a local Amazon deal. Similar to Groupon, they ran a discount for a test drive of a red Ferrari for one hour.  As soon as I saw the deal come into my inbox I knew I had to purchase it for Andrew as a surprise.  It was ironic that just the week before the special came across my email we saw a Ferrari go down the highway and Andrew mentioned how he would love to drive one.

Drive Your Dream - Ferrari

When we arrived for his test drive they had a small museum attached to their garage where we could view all the various sports cars.  I enjoyed looking around while we waited for the professional driver to be ready.  They spent about 15 minutes going over all the details of the Ferrari and letting us take photos.  Once Andrew had familiarized himself with the sports car then they loaded up to head out.

Ferrari Collage

The route for the test drive is predetermined and takes roughly 45 minutes to drive without traffic.  One of the professional drives was required to ride along with Andrew so unfortunately I didn’t get to go.  He had a great time and truly felt it was a rare experience.  They let him take his time on the route and he was able to stop and start at his leisure.  Of course I won’t say how fast he took the Ferrari up to but I know he did have fun on an empty straightway road to say the least.


DFW Drive Your Dream currently has a Groupon live for the Dallas/Fort Worth area to test drive a Lamborghini for one hour.  From what I understand they run special discounts across Living Social and Groupon fairly often.  If you are interested in taking a test drive of a luxury sports car or purchasing a dream driving experience for a man in your life that is hard to shop for I suggest searching for a special coupon online first or call DFW Drive Your Dream to ask when they plan to run their next promo.  Paying full price to drive a Ferrari for one hour is a little steep considering you do not have the freedom of taking the car where you want or bringing anyone along for the ride.

Andrew and I both recommend the experience at DFW Drive Your Dream.  The staff was very friendly and the cars were beautiful.

View more of my photos on my Drive Your Dream Flickr set.


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