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I’m so excited about the guest post I’m hosting today.  As you all know I’ve been frantically gearing up for our Breaking Dawn party and I can’t wait to share more details and photos with you all.  My friend, Kadi recently dressed as Bella Swan to attend a Halloween party and she looked amazing!  I asked her to share the steps to transform into Bella for anyone attending a Twilight Saga party or convention, I’m sure you’d win a costume contest!

So you wanna be Bella Cullen…

Get in line, sister. Thousands of us wistfully day dream about laying in a sun drenched floral meadow with the gorgeous Edward Cullen at our throats…er…sides. Bella Cullen is one seriously envied lady. In fact, there are approximately 292,000 search results for “How To Dress Like Bella Cullen” on Google alone. I, shamelessly, am among the ranks of those who can be found staring off into space as my mind wonders what it would be like to walk in Bella’s Converse for a day. So when Halloween came rolling around this year, there was no question as to what I would be. With a few hours of careful planning and very little prep time, I became Bella Cullen. Sadly, it was sans Edward, as my husband refused to wear the wig and sparkly face powder I bought for him. I know. He’s a huge party pooper. Without further ado, I give you the conversion from every day housewife to magical newborn vampire.

Step One: Careful Preparation (Spoiler alert ahead!)

Practice wearing the contact lenses if you are not used to them. You will have to get adjusted to seeing red. I chose red because I wanted to be Bella after her transformation. Put the lenses in very last when you actually dress the part. Pull your hair back into a headband or skull cap (I recommend the cap.) Wear an undershirt and do not put on the button down shirt until after your makeup is on.

Bella Cullen Contacts, The Cullen Vampires, Red Vampire ContactsStep Two: Convincing Makeup

Mix your regular foundation with the same amount of white cream makeup. Apply with fingers an blend with a sponge. Repeat for a second layer. Blend again. Coat face with a dusting of translucent powder. Line eyes, top and bottom, with black eyeliner. Apply dark purple or grey shadow to your lid only. You may add some to the crease if you wish. Use white shadow under brow bone. Dust entire face with cosmetic glitter (I suggest using Tara Tarantino Sparklicity.) Apply mascara. Apply red lipstick or gloss to lips. DO NOT use any blush. Vampires do not have the ability to blush. *For added drama, you may sweep a tad bit of light blue or purple shadow under eyes for that sunken in, sleep deprived look.

Bella Cullen Contacts, How to Dress Like Bella Cullen, Bella Cullen WigStep Three: Dressing The Part

*Wash your hands with soap after applying the makeup and before touching your clothes or wig. Get dressed, being careful not to touch your face at all. Pop in your contacts and have tissue ready for the resulting tears. The contacts will make your eyes water for a few minutes. With your skull cap on, or hair pulled back, put on the wig. Comb through it to flatten it out a bit and defrizz.

How to Dress Like Bella Cullen, Bella Cullen Costume, What Does Bella Cullen Look LikeStep Four: Best Behavior

If you are going to make a concerted effort to look like Bella Cullen, don’t ruin it by being your less than vampire self. Remember that Bella is not a cheery sort, even at her happiest. When taking pictures, keep your composure and do not break out in a cheesy smile. Walk, dance, move with grace. One last thing…Cullens do not eat human food. Eat as much as possible before and if anyone offers you hors d’ourves, politely refuse and claim that you are on a “special diet,” or will be hunting later and don’t want to ruin your appetite. If you stay in character, people will be amazed and/or disturbed at your commitment to being Bella and that will make every bit of preparation worth it!

Gory Details:

Bella Cullen Outfit, How To Dress Like Bella Cullen

*skinny jeans (Mossimo at Target $25)
*Converse All Star low top (Target $29)
*Converse Button Up Shirt (Target $20)
*Jacket (Forever21 $19.99)
*Wig (Party City $10)

*Tarte ReCreate Anti-aging Foundation (Sephora $37) mixed with White cream makeup (Walgreens $3)
*ELF Glow Translucent powder (Target $1)
*Tara Tarantino Sparklicity Pure in Opal (Sephora $17)

*Milani Runway Eyes Shadow in Lily White (Target $5.99)
*Kat VonD True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Adora Love and Fury (Sephora $15 ON SALE NOW Normally $34)
*Milani EasyLiner Glitter eyeliner in Black Rocks (Target $4.99)
*L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara (Target $8.99)
* Angel Eyes Contacts, Magic Series in Zombie ( $29)

*Kat VonD Foiled Love Lipstick in Beranice (Sephora $18)
*Smashbox LipGloss Limited Edition Set in “Snap You’re Fab”  (It Girl) (Sephora $30)

Kadi Prescott is a smokin’ hot momma of 7.  Yeah you read that right, 7 little ones and still beyond gorgeous.  She’s a Twilight Saga fanatic and of course on Team Edward!  She can be found on Twitter @KadiPrescott.

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    Awesome! I loved the Movie. I took my 8 year old to see it. She loves the movie but her favorite as well as mine is Alice!

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