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I can’t believe it’s already Week 11 of the 12 Weeks of Giving.  That means Christmas is right around the corner.  This week I wanted to give back to another fabulous organization that I love, Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Several years back I used to volunteer at BBBS as a big sister and I enjoyed every minute of it.  After Gab’s disabilities began to require more of my time I wasn’t able to be available for a little sister as much as I needed so unfortunately I had to stop serving.  I plan to start back as a big sister again one day but until then I wanted to offer something.

Back in July during the process of planning T’s 13th birthday party I was able to review Sweet Tomatoes restaurant.  They catered the party but also gave us some meal vouchers for dining in.  T and I used a couple of them to taste the food to determine which items she wanted at her party.  The remaining vouchers I decided to donate to someone that could truly use them.

As a blogger I was invited to try out Wendy’s new Pick-2 menu and not only did they provide me with free lunch they also offered me several gift cards to giveaway on my blog.  In place of hosting a giveaway I asked them if I could donate the gift cards instead and of course they said yes.

When someone volunteers to be a Big Brother or Big Sister through the BBBS Organization they are responsible for not only planning the outings with their Little Brother or Little Sister but they are also responsible for paying for all activities.  It’s a true blessing to these children to have a mentor to spend time with.  Some of the kids don’t get any attention outside of their involvement with BBBS.  I know times have been tough for many right now and sometimes even buying a meal for someone else or paying to take a child to a movie or other outing can be too much for an individual.  I hate to see people discontinue their commitment with their Little Brother or Little Sister because they can’t afford the expense.

I contacted my local chapter of the Big Brother Big Sister organization and got a mailing address for an individual who is in charge of matching mentors with children.  She is going to hand out the gift cards to various Big Brothers or Big Sisters that need them.  Hopefully by providing some free meals they can go and do something else fun during their visit after they eat.  Maybe by offering them free meals they can see their Little Brother or Little Sister one extra time next month than usual.  Sitting in a restaurant or fast food place just to eat, chat and visit means the world to some children.

If you are a blogger that is offered a product or service to giveaway don’t forget to ask the company if they would be interested in donating to a cause of your choice.  As bloggers we are sometimes given extra ‘swag‘ at conferences or various events that we don’t need which ultimately could be the perfect item for someone else.  What might seem like a small act of kindness to you, might make a world of difference to the next person.  Who have you blessed this week?

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