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So as you all know I am located in Fort Worth.  None of my old real life friends blog.  Of course since I started blogging I have met tons of new friends and wonderful women, yet before now most of them have lived in different states.  The distance has kept most of us virtual friends, some I’ve met at conferences and you all know I’m meeting Brandy for the first time Friday.  Recently I was actually able to meet several other DFW bloggers which was so exciting.  I had briefly met a couple of them at another local event at the Fort Worth Zoo #battlethebug exhibit.  Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to visit much at all.  We made up for all that during our trip to the Melting Pot.

There was a total of ten of us who met at The Melting Pot in Southlake for dinner.  I, of course, was late to the event because my silly GPS took me to the wrong location.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one who ended up at CVS instead of The Melting Pot considering Amy had the same problem.  I guess the CVS is in the old restaurant location and I was shocked to see my iPhone map was wrong!  Just shocked I tell ya, I love my iPhone.  Maybe this is a sign I need the new iPhone that just came out?  Mine must be outdated, right?


The evening started by giving us a choice of three different cheeses.  We were given apples, bread, crackers, veggies and chips to dip with.  It was all so good.  While we were dipping and eating we went around the table introducing ourselves and just chatting it up.  You know how it is when ten women get together… right?  Oh and I can’t forget to mention my drink.  Yes I had a mix drink while out at dinner.  I ordered a Strawberry Basil Lemonade.  Although the drink tasted fabulous I think the basil was a little too chunky and kept getting stuck in my straw.  If I was to make the drink at home I would recommend shredding the basil a little finer.  Donna even tasted it and thought it was great, the drink looked beautiful too and I swore I took a photo but can’t find it on my camera.

Our Main Dish

The Melting Pot experience was not only fabulous because of the great company but the food was amazing. I was learning so much from the different cooking styles, the different batters and the wonderful selection.  Sara, our waitress, was the best.  She took time to answer our questions, teach us what to do and explain anything we didn’t understand.  She also went beyond that to socialize with us and of course you know us bloggers love to socialize!  Just look at that main dish.  It looks so beautiful that you just hate to cook it.  I tried at least one piece of each meat.  I also tried all three cooking styles.  It was delicious!  The whole idea of cooking your own food at the table was actually pretty fun.  I must say though, if it is your first time going to the Melting Pot and you go in a large group, make sure you don’t sit and chat so much you forget to cook your food.  Otherwise you will still be hungry, just sayin’.

Melting Pot DessertI must admit my favorite part was the dessert.  I was very glad I saved plenty of room to be able to try all the different treats.  Now most people will say their favorite is the sweetness but I am not like most people.  Heck, I don’t even usually care for chocolate at all.  But gosh doesn’t that dessert tray look good?  Again, we got to pick three different chocolate fondues to dip in.  I didn’t voice my opinion since I didn’t think I would like any.  However, I do enjoy caramel so when they decided on the turtle as a choice, I was excited.  I loved the marsh mellows, strawberries, bananas, and rice crispy treats.  Heck I loved almost all of it.

The four course meal at the Melting Pot was amazing.  I hope to go back again one day soon.  I think it would make the perfect romantic setting for a nice date.  I also can’t wait to get together with the DFW Chix again real soon!  These women are sweet, funny and just full of information.  They are a great group to network with and I can’t wait to blog about more stuff I learned from them.  I believe we spent over five hours chatting that night and since then we can’t stay off skype!

DFW Chix at Melting Pot

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To view all the photos from our event visit my flickr profile.


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