Cherishing the Happy Moments

It’s been slightly over a month since my last update on Gabby.  She has been enjoying school and acing all her spelling tests, which is great.  She is still struggling in math and I am working with the teachers to try and figure out what our next plan needs to be to help her progress.  We have had several appointments over the last month.  Matter of fact we had four appointments in just one week.

In the past several months I have seen Gabby mature in front of my eyes.  So much has changed.  Not just on the outside, her personality is changing as well.  She has learned remorse which is one social skill she hasn’t shown very much in years.  She has spent more time playing with her little brother and showing true concern and care for others.  These are traits that I have missed in her for the past four years.

The knot on her head is completely gone and the wound has fully healed leaving only a scar behind.  She only takes the antibiotics until the end of November which will be nice to complete.

We saw the Endocrinologist about her precocious puberty only to find out we must undergo even more testing.  Ugh!  The testing is scheduled for next month.  It takes place in the doctor’s office which is nice but does require an IV and testing over several hours.  Once the test results come back and prove the puberty is coming from her brain telling her body to progress faster than normal then we’ll start medication to stop it.  Unfortunately the medicine comes in the form of a shot once a month.  No fun.

We also took a long overdue trip to the Orthopedic Surgeon to get advice on her leg pain and difficulty walking.  He suggests physical therapy to start off.  That’s great news… meaning no more surgeries right now and no Botox injections.  Hopefully therapy won’t be too often a week.  Our first appointment is scheduled for next month.  Long waiting lists…

In the meantime we have been having fun at pumpkin patches, Halloween festivals, Disney Live and other local events.

Cherishing the happy moments…


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    I am happy to see that Gabby is starting to show signs of improvement personality wise. It is so fun to watch our children grow and learn learn feelings – such as remorse. Aj is finally feeling that and showing it which is new for me and him. I am excited to hear physical therapy may be the option for leg and walking – hopefully that helps a lot and there won’t be an surgery in the near future for that.

    HUGS girl – you are doing an amazing job and cherishing the happy moments is what counts the most!
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    There is just so much to worry about with kids on a normal day in normal circumstances, the extra concerns you and Gabby have had to handle sound really challenging- but how wonderful that it sounds like things are getting better and beautiful progress is being made! Go you focusing on the good and wondeful moments!
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