Urban Armor Gear for Your Phone

Samsung Galaxy S5 phone case

Our house is divided, actually no – Andrew is just the odd man out. He is the only Android customer in our family. All of the kids and I use Apple devices and are pretty hard core fans with owning at least one of each device Apple makes including three iPhones between us. The one thing […]

Gluten-Free Lunch at McAlister’s

McAlister's Gluten Free Lunch

There are not many places that I can eat at several times in one week and still enjoy it.  Finding gluten-free options at restaurants is becoming easier nowadays.  Unfortunately, cross-contamination is still a big issue at many places.  McAlister’s is a deli that I frequent as often as possible.  The whole family enjoys eating there. […]

RagBags – The Reusable Tote

RagBags at Half Priced Books

When we moved last fall I realized I was slightly a tote hoarder.  It seems every conference or convention I’ve gone to has provided me with a new tote.  Every Black Friday I would be suckered into spending a little more at some of my favorite stores to receive the free totes they offered.  And […]

The Marvel Experience Tour – A Virtual Immersion Into S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Marvel Experience Tour

Last weekend the family and I became recruits of S.H.I.E.L.D. at the Marvel Experience Tour in Dallas.  We spent over two hours diving into the virtual world with hands-on training and 4-D interactions with our favorite Super Heroes from the Avengers.  We climbed walls like Spiderman, we avoided lasers in a maze like Black Widow, we […]