I Have Visited Half the States in America

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The list of states I have visited has now increased to 25. With all of my travels over the past year I seem to keep visiting the same states over and over again.  The most recent two states I have marked off the list are Michigan and Indiana.  Both of those states were part of […]

Happy Chinese New Year


The first week of December our family had the opportunity to bring a foreign exchange student into our home for the remainder of this school year. I’ve always wanted to be a foster mom and I felt this was as close to that as possible at this time in my life. T was beyond excited […]

23 Out of 50 States Visited

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I have now increased my states visited list up to 23 states. I added three states so far this year. Visited US States Map from TravelBlog My first trip to California in January I flew into San Jose to visit one of my clients for strategic planning. My second trip I got to fly into […]

Added More States To My Visited List

I’m so excited that I’m finally up to 20 states visited.  Part of my Life List is to visit all 50 states and although I’m not quite half way there I can say I’ve made progress in the past year.  I have added four new states to my list. Last summer we traveled to Washington […]