Writing our own wedding vows


I knew before Andrew and I even got engaged I wanted to write my own vows. I have always felt that personalized vows mean more than the standard repeat after me. A wedding ceremony only lasts a few minutes and the emotions during that moment are so high that it is difficult to remember each […]

21 Days of Family Bonding

ways to bond with your family with kids of all ages

Did you know that studies show if you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit?  That is why it is so important to stick with any new positive lifestyle changes for at least three weeks until it becomes part of your normal routine. During the month of September I am teaming up with […]

Treasure Chest for the Ringbearer

box for rings at wedding

Once Andrew and I got engaged we pretty much knew who was going to serve each role within the wedding.  With Noah being our youngest son it was only fitting that he be our ring-bearer.  Honestly I did not really think about asking him, I just felt – as his mother, it was a given.  […]