5 Scriptures to Keep Christ in Christmas

Luke 214

With all of the commercials, pressure, and stress to buy Christmas presents for everyone you know, it’s safe to say that it can be hard for even Christians to remember to keep Christ in Christmas. After all, He is the only reason for the season. Here are some favorite verses for the upcoming season that […]

Who are you thankful for?

12 Weeks of Giving

During the 12 Weeks of Giving series our family is focusing on giving back and building a better community.  Sometimes giving back means donating your time to serve the community.  Other times giving back means donating money to support an important cause.  Over the next week our family is focusing on being thankful. Having a […]

5 Scriptures When You Need Energy

Isaiah 4029

It can be a tough balance to try and meet the demands of everyday life and still have enough energy for ourselves at the end of the day. First of all, I’d like to challenge you. Are you busier than you should be in life? God calls us to meet other’s needs but not at […]

10 Verses to Keep You Positive

Matthew 1511

Sometimes it’s a struggle just to stay positive in today’s world. When you turn on the news or drive around town, all you see and hear are about bad things. These ten verses will help keep your day positive. Keep these verses with you, so you have something positive to keep you inspired throughout your […]