The Greatest of All is Love

Feel Love

This post is part of a campaign for T.A. Barron’s new book – The Wisdom of Merlin: 7 Magical Words for a Meaningful Life. In 2010 I wrote my Life List. After being a single mom for many years, getting divorced at the beginning of 2003, I added #54 to my list which says: open my heart to […]

With Age Comes Wisdom

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So I’m a year older now.  Well, I guess technically each day I grow older than the last.  Last Wednesday I celebrated 33 years.  It’s an odd number, isn’t it?  Finally into my 30s yet not close enough to 40 to panic.  Over the past couple of years my aging has become noticeable to me. […]

A white birthday

DFW snow day

It is rare for us to have much snow in Texas.  It seems each year we get nasty weather resulting in ice and sleet.  The roads will be iced over for a couple of days and the kids get to stay home from school.  That was Monday and Tuesday of this week.  We had lots of […]

Starting 2015 Off Right! #CapturingLifeLaughterLove

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One word to describe my 2014 would be CHANGE. There was a lot of change that took place in my life and family during 2014. I got married. We moved. We found a new church home. I even had some changes in my career. Some of the changes have been challenging and some have been […]