Gabby’s Birthday Celebration – 11 Years Old

Gabby's 11th Birthday

On Saturday Gabby turned 11 years old.  I have watched her grow and mature over the last year beyond anything I could have predicted.  I realized she was growing taller and becoming more mature each day, I could see it, but looking back on photos from last year and comparing them to now – it’s […]

Precocious Puberty Stabilized

Cook Children Hospital, Fort Worth Texas, Endocrinology

We finally had Gabby’s checkup since her implant surgery. It was the first time we have seen her Endocrinologist in the office following the Supprelin LA implant. They conducted routine blood work to check her hormone levels and today we received the call that everything was back to normal.  Her precocious puberty has successfully been […]

A Surreal Mom Moment I Was Told I’d Never Experience


I took the kids to an indoor water park while we were visiting our family in Tennessee. They love swimming and playing in the water. While they played in the kid area I sat at a table right outside of the splashing zone just far enough to keep dry and take photos with my camera. […]

Gabby’s Implant Surgery and Recovery – Precocious Puberty

photo 3

Last week Gabby had her surgery to stop precocious puberty.  It was an outpatient surgery; meaning although they put her to sleep to complete the surgery once she was finished with a short time in the recovery room she was able to go home.  No over night stays.  Thankfully. Gabby was in good spirits before […]

One Hospital Stay Down and One Surgery To Go


Gabby’s monthly injections have been going well. With her last update we had decided to start going into the doctor’s office to have a nurse administer them instead of the ugly mess they had started out to be at home. The day we left for our Disney Cruise, in April, Gabby requested I give her […]

Gabby Joins The Double Digits

Gabby's 10th Birthday

Gabby turned 10 this month. Ten Years Old. I can’t believe she has joined the double digits. I still remember when I turned 10. The friend I grew up with, her dad called us the double digit midgets because we were short. That stuck all year long and now as Gabby turns 10 I can’t […]

Gabby’s New Hair Cut – Wordless Wednesday

Screen Shot 2012-03-22 at 10.11.51 AM

Gabby with her beautiful new hair cut. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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