Kid Friendly Kite Flying – Castakite

brothers flying a kite

Our family loves spending sunny days outside together.  In Texas the weather is always changing but we have been lucky enough to have a nice start to spring already.  When I was asked to review the new Castakite I realized it has been too many years since we have flown a kite and gladly accepted. […]

Easy Marquee Letter Craft


When I saw these cute marquee letter kits at our local Michael’s store I knew I had to make one for Gabby.  There are unlimited ways you can craft your marquee letter to match your taste in design.  Since Gabby’s room is decorated in purple I knew I wanted something that would go well sitting on […]

With Age Comes Wisdom

Side Profile Photo

So I’m a year older now.  Well, I guess technically each day I grow older than the last.  Last Wednesday I celebrated 33 years.  It’s an odd number, isn’t it?  Finally into my 30s yet not close enough to 40 to panic.  Over the past couple of years my aging has become noticeable to me. […]

My Testimony

Ring of Faith

Someone recently asked me what my testimony was.  I was put on the spot at that moment and although I was able to give them an honest answer that truly came fairly easy to me, I later stopped to think more on the question.  I’ve always considered myself a Christian.  I have always believed in […]