Tapanga’s Military Ball 2015 #PSF


Tapanga with her date, Russell, for her Military Ball. When I took this photo, I asked Russell to stand about six feet behind Tapanga because I wanted a certain look in my shot. Tapanga’s words to him were, “He wants you blurred out”. Well when you say it that way it does sound bad. Sorry Russell, […]

My Sister’s Wedding 2015 #PSF

IMG_6524 new

My sister asked me to take photos for her wedding. I said I would knowing that it was going to be a challange due to the lighting in the church. I’m not a professional nor do I call myself one. Taking photos is not just pointing and shooting. There’s a lot more to it. One […]

Did somebody say snow? #PSF

IMG_7181 new

Snow 2015. You got to love this Texas weather. My one hobby away from the stress of my job is photography. I can’t free hand draw (even though I wish I could) so, I take photos which is the art of the world that is in front of me. The things people take for granted. […]

Valentine’s Day Family Date Ideas

Valentine's Day Date Night Ideas

Will you be spending this Valentine’s Day with the entire family? If so, you might be looking for some Valentine’s Day family date ideas. Take a look below at some helpful ideas to better plan your family date night. You will find that Valentine’s Day spent with the family can be quite fun, festive, and […]

Changing it up. Make something to remember. #PSF

Family Funny Face Photos

People will always pose for a photo. Next time your out with your family on vacation or just out taking photos, change it up. Make it fun. After all we all only live once. Crazy faces, jumping or what ever you think will make a great funny photo, just use your imagination. As the saying […]

Christmas Memories #PSF

Dwan and Mom

For this week’s Photo Story Friday I’m featuring memories I was able to captured during Christmas. Dwan and her mom on Christmas Eve. Thanks Linda, for this amazing woman – now my wife. Family friends having a great time posing on Christmas Eve. Love this photo of Dwan and the boys on Christmas Eve. Love […]