Psalms 121

10 Scriptures to Keep in Mind As Your Family Travels

Traveling as a family doesn’t need to be completely chaotic. While there is a lot of stress, you can find peace as you travel. I wanted to share 10 scriptures that you can keep in mind as you travel. For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. ~ Psalms 91: 11  Stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance: ~ 2 Peter 3:1b-2 1b For I know the plans I have for … [Read More...]


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With Age Comes Wisdom

So I'm a year older now.  Well, I guess technically each day I grow older than the last.  Last Wednesday I celebrated 33 years.  It's an odd number, isn't it?  Finally into my 30s yet not close enough to 40 to panic.  Over the past couple of years my aging has become noticeable to me.  When I look in the mirror I can see fine lines around my eyes and mouth.  Thankfully my hair dresser helps me … [Read More...]



The day my swim team lessons paid off

The day I realized being on a swim team finally paid off... and a reminder that I'm not nearly as in shape as I used to be. You know the saying that a parent would be amazed at what they can do if their child is in danger? I've heard stories about how a mother has lifted a car off her child and other outlandish tales of strength and courage trials to save ones children. Honestly I've never … [Read More...]

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2016 Pagani Huayra

DFW Auto Show – #PSF

If you like cars the DFW Auto Show is the place to be this weekend. Lots of great new cars to look at along with a few classics.  I had the pleasure of attending the auto show as part of the media with Dwan to capture photos during the various press conferences. Why is it […]

Boov from DreamWorks HOME

DreamWorks HOME – All around beautiful film

My family attended a screening of the movie HOME compliments of DreamWorks Animation to conduct this review. Just when I thought a 3D animated film could not get any better, DreamWorks goes and does it again. They really outdid themselves with this movie. HOME was spectacular in the graphics department. The three-dimensional aspect was seriously […]

Jim Parsons and Rihanna

Minnie’s Food Pantry Featured at HOME Red Carpet

DreamWorks HOME came to Plano, Texas for a red carpet premiere thanks to Good Morning America and Minnie’s Food Pantry. Good Morning America hosted the ‘Bring HOME to Your Hometown‘ contest and Cheryl Jackson was the recipient. Cheryl is the Founder of Minnie’s Food Pantry based in Plano, Texas. Minnie’s Food Pantry is named after Cheryl’s […]

Encourage Kids in Their Faith

How to Encourage Kids in Their Faith

When it comes to teaching our kids about God it comes out easy for us. We’re passionate about what we have to say, so it’s easy to tell our kids about that passion. Encouraging our kids in their faith is something that God has called us to do as parents. I wanted to share four […]


Tapanga’s Military Ball 2015 #PSF

Tapanga with her date, Russell, for her Military Ball. When I took this photo, I asked Russell to stand about six feet behind Tapanga because I wanted a certain look in my shot. Tapanga’s words to him were, “He wants you blurred out”. Well when you say it that way it does sound bad. Sorry Russell, […]

Feel Love

The Greatest of All is Love

This post is part of a campaign for T.A. Barron’s new book – The Wisdom of Merlin: 7 Magical Words for a Meaningful Life. In 2010 I wrote my Life List. After being a single mom for many years, getting divorced at the beginning of 2003, I added #54 to my list which says: open my heart to […]

DreamWorks Home Earbuds with Oh character

DreamWorks HOME in Theaters March 27th

When our family first saw the trailer for DreamWorks HOME, we knew had to see it.  The colorful, animated film looked adorable.  Luckily our family was able to screen the movie, which made hosting this giveaway even more a must.  Full movie review coming soon, plus red carpet photos of Rihanna and Jim Parsons! When […]