Psalms 121

10 Scriptures to Keep in Mind As Your Family Travels

Traveling as a family doesn’t need to be completely chaotic. While there is a lot of stress, you can find peace as you travel. I wanted to share 10 scriptures that you can keep in mind as you travel. For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. ~ Psalms 91: 11  Stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance: ~ 2 Peter 3:1b-2 1b For I know the plans I have for … [Read More...]


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With Age Comes Wisdom

So I'm a year older now.  Well, I guess technically each day I grow older than the last.  Last Wednesday I celebrated 33 years.  It's an odd number, isn't it?  Finally into my 30s yet not close enough to 40 to panic.  Over the past couple of years my aging has become noticeable to me.  When I look in the mirror I can see fine lines around my eyes and mouth.  Thankfully my hair dresser helps me … [Read More...]



The day my swim team lessons paid off

The day I realized being on a swim team finally paid off... and a reminder that I'm not nearly as in shape as I used to be. You know the saying that a parent would be amazed at what they can do if their child is in danger? I've heard stories about how a mother has lifted a car off her child and other outlandish tales of strength and courage trials to save ones children. Honestly I've never … [Read More...]

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Using Wholesale Party Supplies to Create a Colorful Celebration

In preparation for Gabby’s 13th birthday party we sat down and browsed ideas online.  Since it was a teenage party we wanted more of a subtle theme.  I always say Gabby is full of life, therefore a colorful party fit perfectly.  Plus, she loves candy and multicolors goes well on a candy buffet.  Luckily, her birthday is […]


The Series that Inspired DreamWorks HOME – Smek For President

DreamWorks Animation’s HOME was inspired by the children’s book – The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex.  The sequel was released on February 10th, Smek for President. Photo Credit: DreamWorks Home (c) 2015 DreamWorks Animation L.L.C. My daughter loves to read.  I know she will be excited to read both books in this series.  Especially after […]

Gabby's 13th birthday

Welcome to the Teen Years, Gabby.

Dear Gabby, I can’t believe you are 13-years-old now.  You are officially a teenager. I remember the months I was pregnant with you.  I was so scared.  I was scared that I could not love you as much as I loved your sister.  I thought my heart was already full.  I was worried that I […]


Ariat Partners with 20th Century Fox in The Longest Ride

Giveaway brought to you by 20th Century Fox and Ariat International. It took a lot of collaboration among many people to bring The Longest Ride to the big screen.  It’s the first ever movie to show the PBR in real live action.  It was important to both 20th Century Fox and Nicholas Sparks to make […]

GM Arlington 10 millionth vehicle

#TNTFtWorth Tech & Travel Roadshow

Techlicious and Traveling Mom brought their Tech & Travel Roadshow to DFW last week.  It was a pleasure to get together with not only local bloggers and brands but some from out of town too. The event started out with an early morning tour of the General Motors Plant in Arlington with Chevy. Since the luncheon was […]